Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power of the Public Opinion

Should John Kerry pay Massachusetts taxes on his new yacht? Should BP pay Tony Hayward his severance package?

There is much heat and light being given to these topics because the "public" feels slighted and owed on both fronts. The challenge is that there isn't a direct relationship between the public and the questions at hand.

John Kerry doesn't owe taxes to Massachusetts. The boat is owned by a Pennsylvania corporation and docked/registered in Rhode Island. I don't care for Mr. Kerry's politics but he owes Massachusetts NOTHING. The responsibility of the tax payer is to pay taxes on what is legitimately owed. John Kerry isn't responsible for either the tax law or the taxes.

Tony Hayward apparently has an agreement with BP to collect a nice severance package. Bully for him. The fact that there a people hurting / suffering / struggling in the Gulf is something BP needs to address but there is no indication that money that goes to Mr. Hayward would be diverted to the Gulf Coast if he weren't paid.

Get a grip people.

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