Monday, July 26, 2010

Issues of the Moment

The Environment - How do we find the right balance of encouraging the use of environmental resources and protecting them?

Education - How do we create an education system that allows the United States to be competitive in a global economy?

Government - What should government be spending our money on?

Global Warming - How do you distinguish between plans to address a potential environmental catastrophe and a wealth redistribution act?

Fairness Doctrine - Does the government need to control what’s on radio and TV?

Illegal Immigration - Isn’t it called illegal for a reason?

1 comment:

Chris in NC said...

1. Fuck the environment. After we trash this place, we'll go to space and find a replacement... Besides man isn't even a flea compared to what this planet has endured since it formed.

2. Simple. Throw the troublemakers out. Stop forcing a kid who'd rather be watching MTV or BET or playing hoops or Guitar Queero to go to school. Take away that and you have most of your education problems fixed. As for illegals, can't speak english? No school for you. Get the hell out.

3. Way less than it currently does and on limited items. Roads, schools, defense. Welfare? bye bye. Social security? Bye bye. food stamps? bye bye. and so on...

4. Not relevant since East Anglica showed that the whole man made global warming thing is nothing but pure bullshit.

5. Only to stop the opposition. See China and t. square.

6. Lock them in gulags and make them work until they work off what they cost us in tax dollars and have earned a flight home. eminient domain the first 500 feet of border land to the US govt and arm the border with the US military with shoot to kill orders.