Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lebron ... Looking for Class

Lots and lots of the talk about Lebron, what he meant in Cleveland and what he'll mean to the Heat is centered around the discussion of legacy. How many championships will he win? Has he got more game that Magic, Jordan, or Kobe? Does it matter if where he wins that them or who he wins them with? etc., etc., etc.

Talking about the legacy of a 25 year old is a waste of time. About the time Lebron gets ready to retire, then we can talk about his legacy and how he compares with the greats, what his contribution to the game was, and the impact he has had. Same story for Kobe.

Winning championships is just one component of the legacy -- just take a look at John Wooden if you doubt this. When all is said and done, if the only thing people can say about you is you were on the winning team, it will ring hollow.

The thing that Lebron was missing this week and that hopefully he'll find in Miami is class. It was obvious at the end of the playoff's that Lebron was done in Cleveland. He'd already decided they didn't have what he wanted and it was time to move on. Where to go next and what would be the best fit for him was a fair question and one he needed to explore.

But the way to do it ... the way to wrapup his time in Cleveland on a positive note and the way to find his best fit ... this would have been to do it quietly and with a touch of gratiousness.

Before you make a big deal of telling the world where you're going, take a moment to let people appreciated where you've been. Tell Cleveland what the've meant to you and make it about them, not about you. Then be honest and direct and explain you've been offered a great position in Miami and you'd be crazy not to accept it. Sure, some Cleveland fans wouldn't like it ... that's just the way of it ... but you'd keep more fans respect and admiration.

The spectacle that was Lebron on Thursday night did nothing to show what a great talent he is or could be in the future, and that was to bad.

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